In Congress and in the Administration, legislative movement and regulatory actions can have a big impact on your organization’s mission and bottom line.  The slightest change in a law or regulation can make or break your organization’s public policy agenda.  CRD Associates can be your eyes, ears, and voice.  

Our team of seasoned professionals knows the policy, politics, and process surrounding the most consequential issues, and we can provide the government relations, advocacy, and strategic communications services that your organization needs. 


Lobbying & Government Relations

CRD Associates can develop and execute lobbying and government relations strategies that will advance your priorities and help your organization succeed. Whether planning legislative briefings or grassroots advocacy days, helping to advance legislation, providing persuasive fact sheets and technical documents at the right moment, or securing meetings with top policymakers, our team has the skills, expertise, and relationships to develop a compelling message and get our clients’ priorities heard. 

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Appropriations Advocacy

Congress’s annual appropriations process is a prime opportunity to make your organization’s voice heard.  Successfully influencing this process requires experience, knowledge, and relationships with Members of Congress, staff, and executive branch decision-makers.  CRD Associates includes experts with years of direct involvement in the appropriations process in Congress and presidential administrations, helping organizations affect funding decisions, secure language, stave off eliminations, and effect consequential improvements.

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Regulatory Affairs

After legislation is enacted, the arduous and complex task of writing regulations falls to federal agencies. From the annually recurring regulations that implement Medicare payment policies to the massive rule-making effort to implement the Affordable Care Act, CRD Associates has the expertise to interpret technical regulations, identify opportunities and challenges for our clients, and advocate your interests to top agency officials and regulators.  We are also skilled and experienced with building and maintaining relationships with agency officials to protect and expand those regulations that are of high priority to our clients.

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Coalition Management

In Washington, a clear policy message voiced by a range of organizations can make an issue more compelling to policymakers.  CRD Associates has significant experience helping organizations assess the feasibility of a coalition and developing a strategy to succeed.  That includes defining core objectives, developing a governance and dues structure, recruiting and retaining members, ensuring legal and financial compliance, and developing and executing advocacy and communications campaigns.

Public Communications

Whether your organization’s goal is to influence federal policy or legislation, garner positive attention for its good work, help your constituents, or maximize profit, a comprehensive public communications plan is critical. CRD Associates can help your organization develop a convincing message and execute a multi-faceted strategy to share it widely through earned media, speechwriting, crisis communications, social media, newsletters and other internal communications, and much more.  

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The best way to increase the reach of your organization’s advocacy effort might be to broadcast it.  CRD Associates can live-stream your Capitol Hill briefings, advocacy days, roundtable discussions, and other events through your website and social media channels, allowing you to boost “attendance” exponentially.  CRD Associates can also provide raw video; Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube links; and viewership data.  This footage is invaluable as web and social media content, promotional material, and external outreach.

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