CRD Healthy Habits Challenge

Some of us here at CRD have long argued that a healthier population makes for a more secure nation – that investment in programs that will keep our kids, peers and elders healthy will contribute to a stronger national defense, economy and education system. We all know that proper nutrition, hydration, a good amount of sleep and daily exercise can go a long way to not just looking better – but feeling better and being more productive.

Well, it’s time for CRD to put its money where its mouth is. CRD employees have joined the CRD Healthy Habits Challenge – a wellness initiative created after an almost mutiny over a dozen donuts appearing in our kitchen. Despite the stampede you can hear down the hallway when that “COOKIES ARE IN THE KITCHEN” email is sent* people – including and especially me – have been complaining around here about the treats.

For the next two months, CRD employees will engage in some friendly competition as they drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables and try to fit in daily exercise. We get bonus points for avoiding treats or getting extra exercise. And so, if you notice that we seem more chipper than usual, it is not that we’re all relaxing during August recess – it might just be the healthy habits we’re all picking up.

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