Meghan Riley Promoted at CRD Associates

CRD Associates is pleased to announce the promotion of Meg Riley to Senior Vice President. Meg joined the firm in June of 2020 as Vice President and has worked with clients engaged in clinical laboratory policy, public health, biomedical and scientific research, patient advocacy, and other areas. Her work on behalf of the American Brain Coalition resulted in first-ever funding for the FDA’s Neurology Drug Program to help speed the delivery of safe and effective treatments for individuals with brain and central nervous system conditions.

As Senior Vice President, Meg will serve as a client team lead developing and executing legislative and appropriations strategy and continuing to focus on current and emerging issues in health care, public health policy, and appropriations.

Prior to joining CRD Associates, Meg led the federal government affairs shop at the American Diabetes Association and worked for several members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Meg holds a degree from The George Washington University.

CRD Associates is excited to welcome Meg to the senior team!

You can reach Meg at [email protected].

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