The Jeffrey Modell Foundation

Partner Matt Dennis organized the premiere screening of a documentary film on Capitol Hill and executed an earned media campaign surrounding the premiere, and its subsequent public release on video-on-demand platforms.

Fred & Vicki Modell created the Jeffrey Modell Foundation after their son Jeffrey died of Primary Immunodeficiency Disease, which was at the time an unknown and poorly understood condition affecting babies and children. When a documentary film – Do Something: The Jeffrey Modell Story – was produced about Fred & Vicki’s journey creating the Jeffrey Modell Foundation and advocating for federal research funding, newborn screening, physician education, and family support, they asked CRD Associates to organize the premiere screening on Capitol Hill and execute an earned media campaign surrounding the film’s premiere screening and public release on video-on-demand platforms. Joined by Members of Congress, Congressional staff, federal health agency personnel, and children’s health advocates, the screening and reception provided a first look of the film where the Modells’ journey first began. CRD Associates also produced a one-minute highlights video with footage from the screening.

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