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Getting ideas heard and initiatives advanced.

CRD Associates, is the top choice to help organizations be heard and achieve results in Washington, D.C.’s unpredictable political climate.

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Making Change Happen

A History in Washington, D.C.

For over 40 years — as presidential administrations and congressional majorities have changed — nonprofit organizations, trade associations, academic institutions, coalitions, corporations and others have relied on CRD Associates’ team of experts to chart a course through the channels of government—whether it is in the halls of Congress or the bureaucratic maze of a regulatory agency.

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Leading the Way for Change

CRD Associates’s legacy continues — now a majority women owned firm, CRD is led by a team of Washington experts who are taking on the challenge of changing congressional and administrative winds and breathing new life into often calcified legislative organizations.

Focusing on Change for Good.

Trade Associations
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We help nonprofit organizations shine a spotlight on unmet social needs.

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We give trade associations the tools to transform federal policy.

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We partner with corporations in service and advocacy for their interests.

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We launch and manage coalitions to achieve their advocacy goals.

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For decades, CRD has helped individuals and ideas get into the right rooms, with the right message, at the right time to make change happen. Our deep expertise and experience in effectively navigating regulation across complex sectors like healthcare and technology give us the understanding needed to help enact meaningful change at the federal level.

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Spark the Conversation

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