As many of you may already know, the usual down-time of August in Washington DC passed CRD Associates by this year. We have undertaken a number of changes that will better enable us to serve your needs moving forward.

First, when you call, you will hear a new voice on the phone. Anne Carey has joined us and her picture and bio will be posted on the “Our Team” page in the very near future. When you call, be sure to say “hi” to Anne.

Secondly, when you enter our offices, in addition to seeing Anne, you will notice the addition of a second conference room straight ahead behind a glass wall. This conference room, which is smaller than the one that we built originally, gives us additional meeting space.

Thirdly, we have added two new offices by moving some walls around, essential converting three offices into five. Congratulations to our Policy Associate Tiffany Kaszuba, who is getting her long-awaited office, and allows us to utilize Tiffany for additional policy-related work! The new construction also gives us space to add at least one new policy-focused person. Watch this space for more on that in the near future!

Finally, the office has been freshly painted and re-carpeted giving it a brighter look. We look forward to having you visit our offices the next time you are in the area.

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