CRD Associates Expands Health & Science Practice

CRD Associates is pleased to announce that Megan Anderson Brooks, PhD, has joined our team as Senior Policy Associate. Dr. Anderson Brooks focuses on policy related to scientific research, personalized medicine, federal oversight of diagnostics, patient access to medical treatments and research funding. As a researcher in the field of neuroscience for over 10 years, Dr. Anderson Brooks brings first-hand experience and a scientific understanding to her policy work. She conducted research on brain health and the neural mechanisms of learning and memory, and is best known for her work to understand the role of learning in the formation of new neurons in the adult mammalian brain.

Dr. Anderson Brooks was previously a fellow at the Society for Neuroscience where she worked on issues related to research replicability, data transparency and scientific training. During a fellowship placement at the New Jersey Department of Health, she assisted in the development of a successful CDC-awarded program that aimed to promote health behaviors, increase electronic health record adoption and develop community-clinical linkages to prevent and control chronic disease in the state. She also has led and continues to lead efforts to improve scientist engagement in public policy. Dr. Anderson Brooks holds a PhD in neuroscience from Rutgers University, and additionally, was a fellow at the prestigious Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers.

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