Whether your organization’s goal is to influence federal policy or legislation, garner positive attention for its good work, help your constituents, or maximize profit, a comprehensive public communications plan is critical. Developing a convincing message and executing a multi-faceted strategy to share it widely is integral to achieving your organization’s objectives and maximizing its impact. 


Coalition Management

Developing a message that resonates is the first part of executing a comprehensive communications plan. What story does your organization want to tell, and to whom? What is the problem, and why is your organization’s solution credible and effective? How can we draw on stakeholders and outside validators? What data and evidence can we marshal to support our case? A comprehensive communications strategy starts with these basic questions. 

CRD Associates can help develop a message that is simple, consistent, and persuasive; and one that resonates with the audiences you need to reach. 

MEdia relations & media Training

Developing a relevant and persuasive message is just the first step. Without effective and strategic media engagement, even the most compelling narrative will get lost in the noise. Successful media relations strategy and execution means anticipating challenges and opportunities before they occur, and ensuring that your organization’s voice will be heard. That requires the knowledge and capability to work with journalists behind the scenes to shape coverage, place a strong quote in an upcoming news article, secure interview opportunities, and write op-ed columns that will get placed and move the needle. 

CRD Associates can help identify opportunities, pitch stories that matter to your organization, respond to inquiries, shape media coverage, coach executives on best practices for interviews, write and place op-ed columns, and effectively articulate a positive message. 

crisis communications

The credibility and reputation of your organization is paramount. In today’s lightning fast news cycle, unforeseen events - personnel, legal, financial, legislative, or completely external - can 

intrude on your organization’s ability to function. In the face of a public relations crisis, some organizations get caught flat-footed, lose the benefit of their well-earned reputation and credibility, and suffer sometimes irreparable damage. Others are prepared, aggressive, and competent, and therefore capable of weathering the glare of media. An effective crisis communications strategy mixes engagement and restraint to push a clear, consistent, and disciplined message, helping an organization withstand even the most intense scrutiny. 

CRD Associates can help anticipate challenges before they occur, develop and execute a communications strategy that protects your organization’s reputation and credibility, and get your organization back to focusing on what it does best. 


Public speaking does not have to be a harrowing and dreadful experience. A well-constructed speech, combined with steady guidance on delivery and presentation, can help a speaker connect with an audience, articulate a convincing message, and improve your organization’s standing. 

CRD Associates can help prepare speeches and other public statements that are engaging, accessible, compelling, personal, and maximize your organization’s impact. 

Internal Communications

The greatest resource of any corporation, nonprofit, or advocacy group is its own constituents - the members, employees, and other individuals that comprise its universe. An essential part of any comprehensive communications strategy is internal - taking care to ensure the component parts of your organization buy in and help promote the organization’s broader goals. 

CRD Associates can help craft newsletters and other internal communications that keep your constituents aware, engaged, and invested in your organization’s success. 

Social Media

Gone are the days when the only impactful media were print newspapers and the evening broadcast news. In today’s world, two-thirds of Americans rely on social media outlets for at least some news consumption, including nearly 4 in 5 Americans under age 50. That is why communicating effectively requires an aggressive proactive and reactive social media strategy that is fully integrated with your organization’s broader policy and communications objectives. 

CRD Associates can help conceive and execute a social media strategy that engages internal and external audiences and maximizes your organization’s reach.