Practice Areas

New legislative and regulatory policy issues are constantly surfacing in the halls of Congress and at federal agencies, creating both opportunities and challenges. Our team of seasoned professionals brings substantive knowledge and insights to a wide spectrum of policy areas and has first-hand experience with the process, the politics and the decision-makers in our Nation’s capital.. Following is a brief description of our areas of expertise and what we have accomplished for our clients.

Defense and National Security

CRD Associates has played a pivotal role for organizations concerned with defense, military health and homeland security. Our work has run the gamut of security-related activities, including digitizing classified records; creating marketing opportunities for new biodefense-related products; and securing funds to improve treatment for war-related injuries. More

Education and Employment

CRD Associates has a track record of success helping institutions of higher learning achieve their priority goals, from major university centers to small private colleges and the associations that represent them. We have crafted federal policies creating networks of academic centers of excellence; secured direct funding for capital projects; and helped colleges forge partnerships with local communities and surrounding businesses. In the elementary and secondary field, CRD Associates worked with nonprofit organizations to buttress local school districts with additional support for reading programs, teacher development and health and wellness activities. More

Energy and Environment

Our firm is committed to meeting the long- and short-term goals of clients in the fields of energy and environment.

CRD Associates organized and led an effort to help a major alternative energy research center establish relationships with key federal agencies – an effort that resulted in long-term involvement and federal center designation for the client.

CRD Associates also has helped several public universities build bridges at agencies for large-scale projects on renewable energy, power electronics research initiatives and fusion energy experiments. Additionally, we assisted clients in obtaining funding for these programs and in working with relevant federal personnel. CRD Associates also played a role in the expansion of several university projects in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields, and in others advancing knowledge on energy efficiency, wind and storm surge inundation, biomass and biofuel conversion.

Health, Medicine and Science

CRD Associates has amassed a wealth of experience across all facets of federal health policy, from creating new initiatives to combat public health threats to making the case for fair and equitable reimbursement for medical services, drugs and devices. Voluntary health organizations have turned to us for help convincing Congress to channel more federal resources to medical and health services research. Hospitals and medical societies have relied on us to help modify reimbursement levels. Businesses have tapped into our understanding of complex federal structures to open new marketing opportunities or block disruptive regulatory proposals. 

+ Public health, research and patient advocacy

The federal government continues to play a dominant role in setting the tone and direction of public health policy. Decisions made in Congress and at federal agencies guide medical and health services research priorities at public and private research institutions; determine funding for disease prevention, treatment and health promotion; and provide direct support for needed patient and family services. CRD Associates has helped patient groups, medical societies and pharmaceutical companies draw attention and resources to the issues that matter most to them.

+ Reimbursement, coverage and coding

CRD Associates has deep expertise in the economics of medicine, ranging from hospital and physician reimbursement to coverage policies for medical services, devices and diagnostic tests. We work with medical specialty societies to establish and value CPT codes under the Medicare physician fee schedule. We partner with organizations seeking federal and regional coverage for services by Medicare and private insurers. And we have experts experienced at working with the quality stakeholders, including the American Medical Association (AMA) Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement, the National Quality Forum and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

+ Medical device approval and clearance

This is a crucial time for medical device manufacturers. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in the midst of a major overhaul of the medical device approval and clearance pathways. The agency also is developing its regulatory scheme for laboratory tests and mobile health products. CRD Associates represents traditional medical device manufacturers, purveyors of digital and mobile health products and commercial and academic-based hospital laboratories that develop laboratory tests. CRD Associates helps medical device manufacturers anticipate changes to regulatory pathways and modify their business strategies accordingly.

+ Personalized medicine and advanced diagnostics

The promise of research that increases our ability to predict which medical treatments are safe and effective for each patient—and which are not—has ushered in a new era in health care, called personalized medicine. With its acquisition of HealthFutures in 2009, CRD Associates gained a strong foothold in a field where disruptive technologies are the norm. In an effort to keep pace with science, Congress and federal regulators are working to draft policies that foster innovation while simultaneously ensuring that patients have access to high quality, safe medical products. But rapid advances in co-developed drug and diagnostic products, complex laboratory testing, targeted therapeutics and other personalized medicine technologies are outpacing the current regulatory and reimbursement framework and challenging both federal regulators and the industry. Led by a board-certified genetic counselor, the CRD Associates team helps clients anticipate and navigate the regulatory and reimbursement policies for this rapidly growing sector and advises on strategies to further drive the adoption of these products into medical practice.

+ Medical education and health professions training

So long as health care outcomes and costs hold the attention of policymakers, the supply and distribution of physicians will remain a hot topic of discussion. Academic medical centers and large hospitals have developed graduate medical education programs that focus on discovery, innovation and subspecialty care, while national health experts decry the shortage of primary care physicians to serve the general population’s needs. CRD Associates has helped organizations in their efforts to expand the pool of available graduate medical education (GME) slots, while advocating policies that channel added resources to areas of greatest need.

+ Insurance

Enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marked an historic watershed for consumers, small businesses and insurers. While the essential goals of this landmark legislation are to expand coverage, control costs and improve the health care delivery system, the practical outcome in large part will depend on the detailed regulations developed by federal agencies. We worked with insurers, patient advocates and consumer groups to secure adoption of special provisions in the ACA and are working now to ensure that proposed regulations reflect both the letter and the spirit of the law.

+ Health information technology

Since the passage of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act in 2009, CRD Associates has helped a variety of organizations capitalize on new opportunities to acquire electronic health records for their practices; navigate the complex and evolving regulations defining meaningful use of HIT; and avoid penalties for noncompliance. As these issues evolve, CRD Associates will continue to advise clients on regulatory policy that may affect their business decisions as well as how HIT privacy standards will affect research, disease diagnosis and patient access.

International Trade

CRD Associates has helped international clients navigate the complexities of the U.S. Congress and the federal regulatory process. We have helped clients work with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative to negotiate positions in international trade agreements. We have also educated Members of Congress on behalf of international clients about complex foreign policy issues. Working with House and Senate Appropriations Committees, we have also helped clients protect foreign assistance programs and accounts from adversaries’ attempts to eliminate them. We have also worked to familiarize international companies with U.S. federal procurement laws and policies.

Local Government

The mayor and township council of South Brunswick, New Jersey sought CRD Associates’ help with alleviating pressure on an overburdened highway and mass transit system. Operating in a very tight time frame, CRD Associates implemented a legislative plan resulting in a federal appropriation of $6.8 million to widen a main thoroughfare through the township and $4 million to create in intra-municipal bus system to move commuters from their neighborhoods to key mass transit transfer points.

Surface Transportation, Infrastructure and Economic Development

Transportation and infrastructure comprise the platform of the US economy. Improvements in railways, ports, highways and bridges lead to economic development locally and regionally and ultimately facilitate greater competitiveness in the global marketplace. To those ends, our firm has secured funding for a wide range of clients including municipalities, ports, academic institutions and others.

Telecommunications and Technology

Working on behalf of Rutgers University, we secured a total of $10.1 million spread over four years to enable the university to create a state of the art internal communications system that opened up classes to high achieving high school students in urban settings; students who had completed all of the available course requirements in their high school.  This enabled these at risk students to stay engaged in their course work and provided an excellent recruiting tool for the university.