Lyle B. Dennis, Partner


Lyle B. Dennis joined CRD Associates in 1994 and became a partner in 1999. His practice includes:

  • medical and scientific research societies and associations;

  • physician organizations;

  • health care-related corporations;

  • public and private universities and related associations; and

  • patient advocacy groups, particularly those focused on genetic diseases.

Lyle currently serves as a member of the steering committee of the Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research, the leading advocacy organization for the National Institutes of Health. In 2011, he co-edited and co-authored Health Care Advocacy: A Guide for Busy Clinicians (Springer; 2011) and is also a featured interviewee in Lobbyists at Work (Apress, 2013). Lyle is frequently called upon to lecture on public policy issues at universities and before corporate and non-profit organizations.

Prior to joining the firm, he directed the State of New Jersey’s Washington, D.C. Office, where he was the governor’s chief liaison with the Congress, White House and the executive branch. Prior to that position, Lyle served as chief of staff for 12 years to Congressman Bernard J. Dwyer of New Jersey, a member of the House Appropriations Committee and of the House Budget Committee. He holds a master’s degree in Political Science from the prestigious Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University.

You can reach Lyle Dennis at