CRD Associates has earned its reputation as the top choice to help corporations, advocacy groups, nonprofits, and municipalities chart a steady course – and get results – in Washington, D.C.’s unpredictable political and economic climate.

For nearly four decades, as Presidential Administrations and Congressional majorities have come and gone, corporations, trade associations, academic institutions, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations have relied on CRD Associates’ team of experts to chart a course through the confounding channels of government—whether it is in the halls of Congress or the bureaucratic maze of a regulatory agency.

We’ve helped nonprofit organizations shine a spotlight on an unmet social need. We’ve given trade associations the tools to transform federal policy.  We’ve partnered with municipalities in service and advocacy for their communities. We’ve secured critical federal funding for new and emerging organizations.  And we’ve opened new marketing avenues for large and small companies. 

These results – and the collaborative and ethical way we work – is the reason why clients have chosen to work with us for five, ten, or twenty years – or even longer.  It is also the reason why our roster of clients continues to grow with established organizations, committed nonprofits, disruptive technology start-ups, and much more.