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Make Change Happen.

Advancing ideas and initiatives that make a difference

Important conversations, negotiations, and decisions happen every day in Washington.

Change doesn’t happen by staying quiet. Become part of the conversation with CRD Associates.

Capabilities and Expertise

CRD Associates has years of direct involvement in Congress and the Administration, legislation and regulation  can have a big impact – positive or negative – on  your organization’s mission. Our seasoned professionals know the policy, politics, and process surrounding the most consequential issues — and we can provide the government relations, advocacy, and strategic communications services your organization needs to be heard.

Strategy & Strategic Planning
Regulatory Affairs
Coalition Management
Relationship Building
Policy & Authorizations
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CRD Associates can develop and execute messages and strategies to advance your priorities and help your organization succeed.

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Years of direct involvement in the Federal appropriations process, helping organizations increase funding, secure language, stave off cuts, and effect meaningful improvements.

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From the annual regulations setting Medicare payment policies to the massive rulemaking effort to implement the Affordable Care Act, CRD Associates has the expertise to interpret technical regulations, identify opportunities and challenges, and advocate for your interests to top agency officials and regulators.

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CRD Associates has significant experience helping organizations assess coalition opportunities as a force multiplier, and building and developing  a strategy to succeed.

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CRD Associates can help your organization develop a compelling internal and external message and execute a multi-faceted strategy to share it widely through earned media, speechwriting, crisis communications, social media, newsletters, and much more.

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Find strength in numbers. With CRD Associates’ help your organization can harness the power of its members and leadership to influence public opinion and government action.

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Effective, long-term results begin with strong relationships with community influencers, elected leaders, and staff at all levels. CRD Associates can help you establish and sustain connections with decision-makers.

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CRD Associates can provide your organization with a personalized approach designed to succeed in creating or improving federal policies, agencies, and projects.

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Why CRD Associates

For decades, CRD Associates has helped organizations get into the right rooms, with the right message, at the right time to make change happen. Our deep experience and expertise  in policy and process across complex sectors gives us the ability to help enact meaningful change at the federal level.

Don’t wait for change.

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Speak up. Be heard. And make it happen with CRD Associates. Reach out and start your journey.

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