Zara Day, Vice President & Counsel


Zara Day, Vice President & Counsel , joined CRD Associates in 2015.  Her practice includes:

  • Patient advocacy groups,
  • University systems,
  • Public health organizations and medical specialty societies

Zara has experience working on advocacy and strategy on a wide range of health and public health-related issues.  Her professional and academic backgrounds reflect her interest in the intersection between advocacy, health, public health and law. At the firm, she monitors a wide range of issues for clients, participates in direct advocacy, conducts policy and regulatory analysis, writes reports and memoranda and helps to devise strategies to advance clients’ specific interests.

Zara was a 2014 Policy Fellow at CRD Associates, during which time she produced research and analysis on issues that included Ebola, Medicaid expansion and ERISA. Zara previously served as a consultant for Partners in Health, where she conducted international regulatory research and analysis. Her in-depth research into international compassionate use systems in countries with high tuberculosis burdens will ultimately help physicians and advocates gain greater access to drug treatment for patients in extreme need. She also completed full-time legal internships with the Judges at the Boston Juvenile Court and with the Washington, DC, advocacy office of Physicians for Human Rights. Her projects have included drafting a shadow report submitted to the United Nations and drafting Memoranda of Decision for Judges.  

Zara is a 2015 graduate of Tufts University School of Medicine, where she received a Master in Public Health, and Northeastern University School of Law, where she received a Juris Doctor. Zara is a 2011 Honors graduate of the University of Florida.

You can reach Zara Day at