Lindsey Trischler, Senior Policy Associate

Lindsey Trischler joined CRD Associates in 2016.  Her practice includes

  • patient advocacy organizations

  • healthcare focused industry

  • scientific professional associations

Lindsey’s responsibilities include: analyzing legislation and keeping clients up to date on relevant policy developments, drafting informational materials, planning and organizing meetings and briefings as well as representing clients in meetings and on Capitol Hill. Through her work, she has developed expertise in biosimilar regulatory policy and value framework models.

Prior to joining CRD Associates, Lindsey was an Advocacy Associate at the International Myeloma Foundation where she was responsible for coordinating and expanding the IMF’s state and federal policy initiatives. She focused on the promotion of funding for medical research and innovation, equality in access to treatments and the expansion of access to unapproved therapies and treatments for patients with multiple myeloma. Additionally, Lindsey helped lead two coalitions comprised of over 20 patient, provider and industry organizations working at the state and federal levels to pass oral parity legislation. Finally, Lindsey coordinated a national network of advocates that she trained to help the IMF carry out its policy priorities.

Lindsey previously completed a policy fellowship at CRD Associates in 2015 and is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Public Relations Certificate.

You can reach Lindsey Trischler at