Brent Jaquet, Senior Vice President


Brent Jaquet specializes in government relations relating to the Congressional legislative process. Having worked for the House Appropriations Committee and the National Institutes of Health, he has expertise in science and research programs across federal agencies, higher education, healthcare issues, patient and professional advocacy, and health programs in the Department of Defense.

His practice includes:

  • Non-profit and corporate government relations
  • Biomedical research and behavioral health associations
  • Higher education and public universities
  • Patient advocacy
  • Medical information technology and policy
  • Defense health and research
  • Violence prevention organizations

Brent’s achievements for clients include:

  • Conceiving a multi-year effort resulting in over $250 million for a new medical research program;
  • Guiding a patient advocacy organization in securing a nationwide federal health education campaign and the supporting appropriations;
  • Implementing Federal research agency workshops for the nation’s second largest public university system;
  • Implementing an advocacy campaign that tripled the Federal investment in 2014 for a national violence prevention program at the  CDC; and
  • Assisting the leading national professional association in behavioral health develop increased federal support for training programs.

Prior to joining the firm in October 2005, Brent was a senior appropriations aide to Congressman C. W. Bill Young of Florida for seven years, during the congressman’s tenure as chairman of both the House Appropriations Committee and its Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. Before this, Brent was a senior official at the National Institutes of Health, where he managed communications, science transfer, legislative liaison activities, program evaluation and professional health education. Brent also developed communications programs in health planning, professions and facilities at the Department of Health and Human Services earlier in his career.

Brent recently completed a four-year appointment to the NIH Director’s Council of Public Representatives. He is a member of the Health Sciences Policy Liaisons of the Institute of Medicine. Brent attended graduate studies in communications at the University of Maryland, College of Journalism following service in the U.S. Navy as a journalist. He earned his B.A. in Political Science from Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina.

You can reach Brent Jaquet at