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is a government relations, public policy and strategic development firm representing clients in the dynamic new world of predictive and personalized health care. We specialize in navigating the labyrinth of legislators, regulators, health care providers, patient advocates, third-party payers, and journalists who will ultimately determine if innovation succeeds or fails.

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Medical education and health professions training

So long as health care outcomes and costs hold the attention of policymakers, the supply and distribution of physicians will remain a hot topic of discussion. Academic medical centers and large hospitals have developed graduate medical education programs that focus on discovery, innovation and subspecialty care, while national health experts decry the shortage of primary care physicians to serve the general population’s needs. CRD Associates has helped organizations in their efforts to expand the pool of available graduate medical education (GME) slots, while advocating policies that channel added resources to areas of greatest need.

  • With the primary care physician shortage expected to deepen, training of the next generation of health professionals is of critical importance. CRD Associates has worked with groups to help innovate within the graduate medical education (GME) program to ensure that it prepares physicians for practice in settings outside of the hospital in areas where many people currently lack access to care.
  • Our team of experts understands the intricacies of the Title VII health professions training programs and successfully advocated for new initiatives authorized in 2010, including expansion of primary care training assistance, loosening of service commitments in the National Health Service Corps and creation of a National Health Care Workforce Commission.