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is a government relations, public policy and strategic development firm representing clients in the dynamic new world of predictive and personalized health care. We specialize in navigating the labyrinth of legislators, regulators, health care providers, patient advocates, third-party payers, and journalists who will ultimately determine if innovation succeeds or fails.

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Case Studies

CRD Associates has played a pivotal role for organizations concerned with defense, military health and homeland security. Our work has run the gamut of security-related activities, including digitizing classified records; creating marketing opportunities for new biodefense-related products; and securing funds to improve treatment for war-related injuries.

  •  Founded in 1862, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) was an internationally recognized source for diagnostic consultation, education, and research in the medical specialty of pathology. When this rich repository of tissue samples was threatened by a Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) proposal, CRD Associates organized a coalition to preserve this valuable scientific resource. Working with key lawmakers, industry and defense officials, our firm helped convince Congress to establish a Joint Pathology Center, which will assume AFIP's responsibilities in consultation, education, research and the modernization of its unique tissue repository.
  • In the face of a mounting number of military personnel who suffer extremity war injuries, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons sought CRD Associates’ help with building a Defense Department-funded program dedicated to these types of injuries. Based on our knowledge of operations at the Department of Defense and the Service branches, our team developed a strategic plan of action to raise the visibility of this issue and build support in the military hierarchy and in Congress. As a result, a new, dedicated peer-review research program was created and, thus far, $182 million has been appropriated by Congress.