Health Futures

is a government relations, public policy and strategic development firm representing clients in the dynamic new world of predictive and personalized health care. We specialize in navigating the labyrinth of legislators, regulators, health care providers, patient advocates, third-party payers, and journalists who will ultimately determine if innovation succeeds or fails.

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Association and Coalition Management

In Washington, a clear message voiced by many can make an issue more compelling to policymakers. A well-managed coalition can be a very effective tool in advancing multiple organizations’ shared policy priorities. For more than thirty years, CRD Associates has established and coordinated numerous coalitions to rally seemingly disparate organizations around common goals.

CRD Associates has significant experience in helping organizations strategically assess a coalition’s feasibility, defining the coalition’s policy objectives, developing the mission and governance structure, and identifying and recruiting allies. We apply our substantive expertise to develop policy positions; guide coalition members in crafting concise, compelling messages; and lead coalition members in executing advocacy strategies. We apply our administrative expertise to effectively manage coalition boards and committees; develop and implement member recruitment and retention strategies; and administer core operations, with existing capability for invoicing and filing tax returns and required lobbying reports.

CRD Associates currently manages several coalitions, ranging from the formal (e.g., incorporated non-profit with bylaws and governing board) to the ad hoc variety. Our coalitions range in size, scope, and membership—from those comprised of like-minded organizations with a singular, targeted priority, to those with multiple priorities and diverse stakeholders.